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This necklace tells you that infinite love does exist! Be it of a mother, child, father or lover, it has been there for ages and will be there forever. What's more, the beautiful heart with the infinite loop at its core being dazzled with precious stones will surely make your heart skip a beat...
₹ 1,919 ₹ 2,399
Ex Tax:₹ 1,919
This minimalistic daily wear necklace comes with a cute and pretty bow just like the hair bow your mother used to tie back in childhood. Revive the essence of the childish innocence by getting it exclusively from The Silversmith...
₹ 1,519 ₹ 1,899
Ex Tax:₹ 1,519
Doesn’t this dreamy beauty make you wonder about the out of the world union of the floras and that beautiful starry constellation? Feel its enchantment by adorning this beauty..
₹ 799 ₹ 999
Ex Tax:₹ 799
Can you deny that your mind just went wow after seeing this simple yet magnificent beauty stolen right from the starry midnight sky? Let this elegance spellbound you...
₹ 799 ₹ 999
Ex Tax:₹ 799
Inspired By The Night Sky Full Of Sparkling Stars This Is Romantic And Refined.This minimalist pendant set is absolutely one star-struck floral beauty...
₹ 1,039 ₹ 1,299
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This lucky charm of a jewel chose to capture a thousand stars at the heart of a clover so that you can shine like a rare diamond everyday...
₹ 1,279 ₹ 1,599
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